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ZM Analytics Relocation Dashboard


For Corporate Human Resource Mobility Operations 

It is crucial for companies to perform independent analyses of their employee mobility programs to maximize the productivity of their people. This is our specialty.

Our branded ZM Analytics SaaS platform serves the Human Resource community by connecting current-day talent management practices with technology. Our proprietary employee productivity algorithms provide the necessary tools to proactively engage in the talent selection process.

One Company's Perspective

One subject company found that employee Productivity decreased by 71 percent in locations where employee support was either limited or inadequate, according our study of a major, multinational company*.  Most of the decrease was noted in international locations where there was little to no support from a corporate office.


Another significant productivity impact was the use of inadequate suppliers, where indicators showed a decrease in employee Engagement with a resulting Productivity decrease of 83 percent in a critical area of employee services. Additional and severe impacts were noted across most benefits and services that an employee received in this situation.

These are substantial findings that are hard to ignore.

The decisions made by a corporation when relocating employees, from benefit selection to suppliers and services, impact them greatly, which in turn impacts employee Productivity. Because you move employees to benefit the company, it's imperative that you understand how your program in its entirety impacts your employees.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Analytics become predictive when sufficient historical data is compiled in a way that predicts future outcomes. Our algorithms assess each of your benefits across each of your policies, and matches them to your company's demographics, providing the data you need to to build better programs and manage talent for relocations, transfers and assignments.

Measuring Employee Experiences

The Employee Experience

Understanding the effect that your program has on your employees is critical to your operation. We begin with an evaluation of each employee's move experience through our SaaS based software, and then apply algorithms to produce the predictive analytics you see on your dashboard. You, your suppliers and your employees all benefit from the voice of your employee's experiences.

Intuitive User Interface

User Control

Immediate access to data is expected in today's environment. Whether you're a corporation, a management company or supplier, there's a dashboard to meet your needs. Manage daily responses, build demographic profiles, assess your portfolio or manage your supply chain. Dashboards provide the information you need to run your program at the push of a button.

You can't manage what you can't measure...

Satisfaction  |  Expectations  |  Importance  |  Performance  |  Engagement  |  Productivity

*As determined through ZM Analytics proprietary statistical analytics software.

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